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<== Grimlock, my Deep Dragon, go to photo page for pic of me
Character: Naga Talasmon HP: 200 Level: 7 warrior 7 wizard

Players name: William Class: Warrior Wizard

Age: 20 Years old Armor Class: -2

Alignment: Chaotic Evil Race: Yuan-ti Gender: Male

Ht. 10 feet long Wt. 200 lbs Eyes: Yellow

Movement: 12

Str: 18 Dex: 18 Con: 16 Int: 18 Wis: 13 Chr: 14

Magic: Innate abilities:
All spells/ /Feel Sound /Poison sense /Chameleon power /false sensory impute /telepathy /inflict pain /invincible foes /life detection /Phobia amplification /Post-hypnotic suggestion /Produce acid (id6)
Weapon of choice: Sickle
Double Recurve bow

Prized Positions:
Cloak of teleportation & heat (teleport and keeps warm)
Ring or regeneration (normal regeneration stuff)
Gold coin or reading (gold coin with a hole in the middle so he can read any language)


Naga was exploring the outer world, he discovered a village that was over run with mold. When he return how he found that the mold had infested his home as well, the only thing that he truly cared about was his Yuan-ti brothers. He did all that he could but only a handful survived. He was forced into conflict with the flesh eating most, but to no avail. Eventually he manage to destroy the mold with the help of a saurian named Rick and his dinje that he found along the way. He was on his was home to be crowned king due to him being the only abomination yuan-ti left. Along the way he was swept off his planet by a space going ship that collected creatures for a universal zoo. He easily escaped the cage using his magic. A human was asking to escape too, Naga coldly grabbed him by the throut and said “Death is the only escape” then snapped his neck. From then on out he said that in every battle to come afterward. He captured then destroyed the ship by blowing it to hell. He only realized that he was off his own world after he blew the ship. The was then frozen in time for 3000 years till he was finally unfrozen by a lackey of thunder, a lizard man/ red dragon that attempted to help Grimlock out, but Grimlock thought of him as a pompous moron and left on his own. From then on Naga was left on a quest to find his way home, but till this day, he has not made it home.

Character: Grimlock HP: 800 Level: 15

Players name: William Class: Rouge

Age: 846 Years old Armor Class: -3

Breath Weapon: flesh corrosive gas Movement: 12, FL 30, Br 6, Sw 9

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Deep Dragon Gender: Male

Age Category: Mature Adult Weight: 3750 lbs. Body Lgt: 58 feet

Tail Lgt: 52 feet Wing Span: 75 feet Eyes: Deep Forest Green

Str: 23 Dex: 14 Con: 18 Int: 21 Wis: 16 Chr: 13

Magic: Innate abilities:

Wish /Assume snake form
All Monster summoning /Assume human form
Ice Storm /Regen 1d4 hp/ turn
Permanent Illusion /Regenerate 1d4 hp / 6 rounds
Animate Dead /Free action
Resurrection /Regenerate 1d4 hp/ 4 rounds
Polymorph self /Levitate
/Transmute rock to mud
/Move earth
/Pass wall
/Stone shape
/True seeing
/Detect Magic

Immunities: charm, sleep, hold, extreme heat, & extreme cold

Weapon of choice

Human: Claymore
Snake: Constrict
Dragon: Breath Weapon

Prized Position:
Magic book of holding


Grimlock was born under strange surrounding. Under the guidance of Claw, a strong wizard, he grew to become as strong in magic as in brute strength. He left to establish himself a lair, little did he know that he grew so fast due to a cursed ring that screw up his metabolic rate. He grew in size fast due to this, he realized his life was running short, he set on a quest for the spells need to lengthen his life. He forged a ring of immortality in the bowels of a the volcanic ruins of Draconis, spawning ground for the first dragons. The ring was a mixture of spells, protection from time to keep him from aging, item indestructibility(a spell created by Grimlock after countless experiments) to keep the ring from ever being destroyed, and resize (another spell created by Grimlock) so that the ring will resize itself to fit whatever form he takes.
When his quest was complete he began to dig his lair, it took 300 years to complete his lair, traps, mazes and all. It starts at the top of a mountain and goes down 2 miles into the earth, illusions hide the entrance and are all through the lair, he has his treasure hidden in many areas through out his labyrinthine of caves. The underdark creatures that have take refuge there fear him because not only is he the strongest creature in the mountain, he know the lair better than anyone. Many serve him in order to stay alive.
Current he spend his time exploring caves and watching over his territory.

these are my favorite of my D&D characters, Grimlock, my fist, and naga, one that came after, (but not the 2nd) on the photo pages you'll find a bunch of different things because this site is a storage bin for pics and info. ready what you want and nobody gets hurt

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